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Julien Ekiem

Julien Ekiem is a freelance artist and designer from Lyon.

Born in the Parisian suburbs, he developed an interest for the image at a very early age and quickly expanded his graphic and visual culture to which he devoted his studies. He began his career as a freelance graphic designer in 2007 and has since worked for creative agencies and various brands.

Parallel to his activity as a designer, Julien Ekiem develops a more personal style and adopts in his works a simple visual language based on clean and stylized lines, mixing bold colors, patterns and repetitive motifs. Rich contents and combinations, plurality of supports, his works can be read as a teeming whole or as a multitude of protean and autonomous elements.

A versatile and applied artist, Julien Ekiem has evolved a lot since his beginnings and is currently turning towards a more contemporary and graphic approach, as shown in his latest works.