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Jeremy (Jerms) Camposanto

"Growing up in Silicon Valley near all of the tech giants, I was never really surrounded by any art. Instead, I was surrounded by people who had little interest in being creative & more in being successful tech entrepreneurs & engineers. I didn't know what career I wanted for myself at the time but I also knew that I was not like everyone else. So, I decided to go with my strengths, and that was art. I learned how to draw from watching cartoons on TV and from reading illustrated books. Of course, as most people start off, I started drawing anime-inspired characters as it was the easiest to replicate. As my skills progressed, my interests in other styles of drawing also expanded. It was a long journey in finding a style that I was comfortable with but eventually found one that truly embodies my personality. As a result of everything, my style today has become heavily inspired by bold traditional styled tattoos with an anime twist. In the future, I hope to take my designs a step further and learn how to tattoo them."