Garry Milne – Dephect

Garry Milne

A lifetime of skateboarding and the surrounding visual culture has fuelled my interest in art and design. After getting the ‘Scrawl – Dirty Graphics & Strange Characters’ I was introduced to the various approaches and styles associated with skate / graffiti worlds and needless to say - I was hooked. I have exhibited in numerous group / solo exhibitions and worked on numerous projects as a commercial illustrator. Amongst others I have worked with: Fabric London, Nike, Dephect, and Channel 4. Alongside this I also try to constantly develop my own personal artwork with an enthusiasm for painting. Upon initial contact my work appears bleak and macabre. I include disillusioned, sometimes expression-less characters and creatures offset with an elegant use of flowing line, decorative pattern, detail and narrative. I utilise my personal artwork as a way of confronting and expressing personal concerns that I otherwise would not address. Hopefully the end product conveys a sense of uneasy optimism. I owe my creative interests to skateboarding and daydreams.