Capture T-Shirt / Charcoal / by Alex Jako

Capture T-Shirt / Charcoal / by Alex Jako

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  • 100% combed ring spun cotton (180gsm)
  • Screen printed graphic

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My work is generally expressed through its layers of detail, which I hand draw using Rapidograph-style technical pens on paper with average nib sizes of 0.05 - 0.1mm.

Since the beginning, my art grew out of the music world. In the midst of teen angst and rebellion, I started making gig posters and black & white xeroxed punk zines, fueled by inspiration of people like Nick Blinko (punk artist and musician) and Savage Pencil (artist and music journalist), as well as female Crass Art collage artist Gee Vaucher.

I grew up a Hoosier ("Who's Ear?") in the Midwest: Indiana, USA, amongst miles and miles of flat cornfields and forestland, a famous old railway station, and an old historical Native American Indian ground. You could stick your thumb one inch down into dirt, between roots and dig out arrowheads. Treasure found deep in the ground of the dried up Eerie canal were childhood pathways to dreams of a forgotten world, psychedelic time-travel, early experiences of the driving force into my imagination.

These days, alongside collecting vinyl and rare music, I collect junk from antique markets all over the world: old etchings, faded photographs, outsider art, beat era books, art nouveau jewellery and anything else to plant the seeds of monster & stir the heavy streams of consciousness I thrive on to grow an idea onto page.

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