Timba Smits

Born in '79. Started finger painting bedroom walls - age 3. In grade 6 I won the class drawing competition for my sooper-rad-to-the-max drawing of RAPHAEL from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (my favorite ninja turtle). I once ate 14 hot-dogs in bread with sauce as a double dare. Funnily enough, the same year that computers were meant to BLOW UP (2000 AC) I learnt Graphic Design. In 2005 i started my own magazine: Wooden Toy quarterly - the only quarterly magazine to come out once per year! It's famous for never coming out on time. In 2008 i opened a swell art gallery called Gorker and drank enough beer to turn me off beer forever!!! In 2010 i moved 16,000km away from my sleepy hometown in Melbourne to live and work in London. LONDON IS BOSS! Blue with a bit of yellow in it is my favorite color. Next to a deep red it's even better! I live and work on a diet of art + design + illustration + type + burgers + hard work + more burgers!!! When i grow up i want to be… well… ask me when i grow up.

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