Sam Elgreco – Dephect

Sam Elgreco

Sam Elgreco was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1986. After a few years he moved to Buenos Aires to study fine arts and graphic design where the idea of painting in public space became constant. Since his childhood he had a strong connection with drawing, and his first lines were influenced by the graffiti movement of the time. Over the years he experimented painting on the streets and working in the studio. He went through various aesthetic stages until he reached geometric abstraction. This work talks about compositional exercises and colour studies. The images of his works are associations of shapes and colours that come from anime, rave music, nature and the digital world. He draws improvising with a variety of materialities, and his work is characterised by constant production of paintings, collages and large format murals. In his pieces he proposes breaking with the classic forms of assembling pure geometric figures, seeking to generate movement and volume with a futuristic aesthetic. He uses the different types of geographies of cities and their urban furniture as inspiration to compose his sketches. Over the years, he gained experience participating in different projects in Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, London, Mexico City, Washington DC, Jacksonville, Miami and Tokyo, with public spaces, private entities, festivals, architects, museums, art galleries and collectors.
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