Jexpo76 is a Graphic Designer/ Calligrapher based in Hammonton, New Jersey. Raised on hip hop, he took to graffiti at an early age. After a few run-ins with the law and more trouble than he’d care to admit, he hung up the proverbial can, while continuing to pursue music and explore different mediums of art. It’s during this exploration that he began to write calligraphy. Bringing his graffiti style to it, Jexpo was able to develop a style all his own and share his work on his Instagram account. 

A sharpie chisel marker is Jexpo’s weapon of choice, for its versatility and its wide availability in any store. He’s always been a fan of trying to simplify the process and keeping the materials simple. Whether it’s writing with Crayola markers or two pencils taped together, it’s always about getting familiar with the tools and making them dance for you.